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Flower Essences Prepared by Flower Essence Consultation

The following are prepared by Flower Essence Consultation and can be sent directly to you:

No More

This formula was developed to help birds with feather plucking issues and has proven highly effective for many birds:

  • addresses the underlying causes of feather plucking

  • promotes the emotional well-being of your birds completely safe and nontoxic

  • classified as an herbal supplement

  • made with flower essences from Flower Essence Services

Captivity is difficult for many birds. It can cause them great emotional upset, even to the point of hurting themselves. Many people have witnessed the devastation caused by a bird’s inability to adjust to being confined in a small cage, or by having experienced some type of emotional trauma. Some birds are affected much more severely by their captivity or traumas than are others. No More Feather Plucking addresses negative emotional states and transforms the destructive, negative behavior which a bird has turned inward on itself and redirects it toward positive behavior.


From my own experience, for example a lovebird, who upon losing its mate, became so distraught, that he began plucking out all his tail feathers. This formula was developed to help him return to a healthy emotional state.

For best results, flower essences must be used correctly. The directions are very specific and must be followed explicitly. The essence formula works according to frequency of usage rather than by quantity of dosage, and will address the underlying causes of your bird’s feather plucking if properly used. There are no harmful side effects, and the product will not interfere with other veterinary medicines your bird may be using. It is also recommended that you also use the formula at the same time, as it will contribute to the well-being of your bird.

My Moluccan can’t wait to get to her bath water after I spray in the formula. She splashes around and it seems to be the highlight of her day. She looks beautiful again!
Laura H., San Jose, CA

It worked for my blue-and-gold—he stopped plucking!
Susan R., Petaluma, CA

1 oz dropper bottle $20  •  Shipping $5

To order: 530.292.3701 |

Soap Plant
Flower Essence

Plant study should be the foundation of flower essence plant medicine research. Studies provide a hypothesis for further investigation. Thereafter, it is use and observations that contribute to the understanding of their healing properties. Please read the plant study of Soap Plant/Soaproot. If it resonates with you and if you are interested, you can be a beta tester for research of this flower essence made by me.

I would be happy to send you Soap Plant flower essence if you are in the U.S., free of charge, in exchange for your observations and feedback.

Please contact me: 530.292.3701 |

Flower Essence


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